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  1. Performing a Year End in Pastel Accounting
  2. Can Pastel e-mail statements and invoices in Windows 7?
  3. Pastel Tips & Tricks
  4. What is the most tax efficient way to pay bonuses?
  5. Any Pastel users having a VAT error message this month?
  6. Journal Contras in Pastel
  7. Pastel Tip: Adding your Banking Details onto your Invoices and Statements
  8. Capturing Salaries & Deductions in Pastel
  9. Adding a new cashbook in Pastel
  10. Rewarding your employees with an overseas trip has fringe benefits tax implications.
  11. All taxpayers are now loaded as provisional taxpayers.
  12. Benefits granted to relatives of employees and others - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  13. Acquisition of an asset at less than the actual value - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  14. Right of use of an asset - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  15. Right of use of a motor vehicle - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  16. Meals, Refreshments and Meal and Refreshment Vouchers - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  17. Free or Cheap Services - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  18. Low Interest or Interest Free Loans - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  19. Subsidies in respect of Loans - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  20. Payment of Employees Debt/Release Employee of Obligation to Pay Debt - 2011 FB Tax
  21. Medical Scheme Contributions Paid by an Employer - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  22. Medical Costs Incurred by an Employer - 2011 Fringe Benefits
  23. Provisional Tax consolidation
  24. Budget speech by the Minister of Finance, in the National Assembly (23/02/2011)
  25. SA projects bigger-than-expected budget gap
  26. Turnover Tax?
  27. The Learnership tax allowance
  28. VAT Changes : Sars introduces the "dynamic" VAT return
  29. PAYE : Advice for new annual PAYE reconciliation submission season
  30. SITE legislation seriously flawed
  31. SA Estate Duty amendments
  32. Penalties and PAYE :Time running out
  33. Companies Act - transfer place of registration
  34. Conversion of medical deductions to medical tax credits
  35. Filing season opens Friday: What can you deduct?
  36. Section 45 of Income Tax Act suspended
  37. SA's very own bankrupcy?
  38. How far does Sars power reach
  39. Rental property, tax and marriage
  40. Provisional tax
  41. Problems with emailing invoices and statements from within pastel
  42. Looking for an accountant in Gauteng
  43. Looking for an Accountant on the West Rand
  44. Calculating your medical tax deductions
  45. Rental as a business expense
  46. Realisation of an asset = captial or revenue?
  47. Sars can 'take' your salary, investments, insurances, monies owed to you by anyone!
  48. Judgment in favour of taxpayer
  49. More stringent VAT verification procedures put in place
  50. New VAT system has businesses tearing hair out
  51. Balancing Sars' powers with rights of taxpayers?
  52. Court nails Sars on assessments
  53. Sars's stringent new fraud measures
  54. SARS spends 1c to collect R1
  55. STC to rise?
  56. Who does personal liability for company tax debts fall on?
  57. What Sars is asking businesses
  58. Tax Guide on the Deduction of Medical, Physical Impairment and Disability Expenses
  59. Tax on medical expenses to be changed in 2013?
  60. Additional tax, administrative penalties and criminal penalties
  61. At last! Pastel's Pervasive SQL to be replaced by MS SQL!
  62. New revenue accounting standard could have a significant impact on current reported n
  63. Auditing costs - what are yours? (with a bit of a rant)
  64. Tax-breaks for software developers
  65. SARS enabled to plunder one's account?
  66. How the SA investor changed after Budget
  67. Just who will dividend taxes affect?
  68. Payroll changes
  69. How Sars treats loans with the option to subscribe for shares
  70. Sars's latest views on cellphone deductions
  71. Tax on savings : Six changes to consider
  72. How to claim back withholding tax (deducted in Swaziland)
  73. New persons liable for tax
  74. Is fixed property in trust still viable?
  75. Costs of running a trust
  76. Top tips for a painless tax season
  77. VAT and how some businesses still don't get it ...
  78. Provisions governing the winding-up of a CC
  79. What dividends tax misses
  80. Understatement penalties
  81. Audit exemptions help small firms
  82. TaxTim?
  83. SARS to get detailed bank statements bi-annually
  84. Consultants, personal service and taxation - case law
  85. Provisional Tax question - what counts as income?
  86. Tax breaks you can claim
  87. A guide to international tax
  88. VAT 101 - The draconian provisions
  89. Sars new additional and estimated assessments
  90. Taxation Laws Amendment Bill in a nutshell
  91. 40300 per day!!! Tax returns filed that is
  92. Should you eFile?
  93. Companies Act v Tax law: Guidelines
  94. SARS : argue first, pay later
  95. Sustainability poised to alter - dramatically - accounting and business fundamentals
  96. Average tax costs today compared to a decade ago
  97. A history of SA's VAT
  98. Contingent liabilities and the corporate rules
  99. Tax Administration Act now in effect
  100. Sars's new penalty regime
  101. Sars eFiling MobiSite and MobiApp go live
  102. Tax penalties - how to find out what they are on efiling
  103. Standard Band recycles account numbers
  104. Interest on unpaid taxes to change
  105. Sars’s guide to storing tax records
  106. Treasury's plans for retirement tax
  107. Sars's three types of penalties
  108. New criminal offences taxpayers can be charged for
  109. What Sars will and will not ask you
  110. Why companies should care about risk
  111. Sars's wider powers could spell doom for tax evaders
  112. Bribery and VAT fraud costs 15 years in jail
  113. VAT e-filing date warning!! 25th of the month!
  114. Mini-Budget tax highlights
  115. Mini-Budget's missing ingredients
  116. Sars's latest tax statistics: Who pays what
  117. Sars closes in on estate agents
  118. Provisional taxpayer penalties non-negotiable
  119. Sars to launch new tax clearance fraud detector
  120. Sponsored vehicle as a taxable 'fringe' benefit
  121. Improving tax incentives for retirement savings
  122. Fast VAT facts
  123. Provisional tax deadline looms
  124. Do your objections and appeals to Sars correctly
  125. The pitfalls of Sars's new request for information
  126. Provisional tax: Claim your medical tax credit
  127. How to avoid VAT?
  128. Anyone using PastelMyBusinessOnline.co.za?
  129. Are directors’ emotions hampering Business Rescue?
  130. Saica: summary of budget proposals
  131. Youth tax will work: Motlanthe
  132. Newly proposed tax on trusts is meant to curtail tax avoidance
  133. When a client wants to pay by credit card online
  134. Most of your tax money well-spent – Gordhan
  135. New standard could force billions onto balance sheets
  136. Are a waiter's tips taxable?
  137. Tax implications to consider when starting your own business
  138. A tax rebate for your Trellidor?
  139. Tax Advice - CC vs PTY LTD vs Trust?
  140. Top 10 tax tips
  141. When can Sars allege 'intentional tax evasion?'
  142. Tax treaty could see investors exit Mauritius
  143. Tax Ombud: Another toothless entity?
  144. Is your business ready for the carbon tax?
  145. Shareholders liable for tax debts of companies on winding up
  146. Transferee liable for tax debts of taxpayer
  147. 100% Bond for a new trust - What are my chances?
  148. VAT registrations to be simplified
  149. Will the VAT rate be adjusted?
  150. 2013 Tax season in a nutshell
  151. Would you contribute 27.5% of your salary towards retirement?
  152. Wage incentive: An answer to youth unemployment?
  153. 'Not only the rich pay taxes'
  154. Mini Budget - Medium Term Budget Policy Statement
  155. Sars and your bank account
  156. ... are trusts still relevant?
  157. Income protection policies: deduction for premiums to be abolished
  158. Getting South Africa over the try-line
  159. Tax Ombud aims to resolve disputes within 15 days
  160. How SA’s tax system stacks up
  161. Tax system puts small businesses under pressure
  162. Garnishees 'exploit all South Africans' - Webber Wentzel
  163. Capital Gains Tax: Trusts vs Individuals
  164. What you should know about medical tax credits
  165. Quickbooks-literate accounting officer
  166. 2014 Budget speech
  167. VAT at 16%?
  168. CPIC survey