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  1. New Cell C data bundles: Pricing compared
  2. Keeping your child safe, despite the digital generation gap
  3. Win your own 21 Mbps HSPA+ service from Cell C
  4. Mobile HD Voice networks grow
  5. Cellular QoS: Disturbing results from FIFA 2010 report
  6. Cellular spectrum and corruption
  7. Mobile trends
  8. Smartphone sales booming
  9. Windows Phone 7 off to slow start
  10. Opera Mobile for Android: First impressions
  11. White Space spectrum needs to be addressed: WAPA
  12. Icasa aware of dodgy Sentech/GWI deal
  13. Radio frequency spectrum regulations welcomed
  14. Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations feedback needed
  15. Wireless for Africa
  16. Tunnelling home
  17. ICASA gives PTAWUG high site stamp of approval
  18. Soweto joining free wireless network
  19. Free Wireless Network investigated by ICASA
  20. ICASA still looking for spectrum auction partner
  21. MWEB ADSL international outage: It wasn’t us, says Neotel
  22. MWEB ADSL international problems – all the details
  23. MWEB ADSL Acceptable Use Policy: Fair is fair
  24. MWEB ADSL latency problems
  25. Incredible Connection’s free ADSL offer
  26. 10 Mbps business uncapped ADSL pricing comparison
  27. Broadband pricing benchmarks: How expensive is SA’s ADSL?
  28. New Vodacom ADSL pricing: Lower and better
  29. Telkom and MWEB release latest ADSL KPIs
  30. Vodacom Business 10 Mbps uncapped ADSL launched
  31. The fastest, cheapest broadband now in Gauteng
  32. Broadband Infraco is here
  33. Neotel data-centre problem causes MWEB ADSL downtime
  34. Cell C 21 Mbps mobile broadband now in Gauteng
  35. Universal broadband for all: ANC
  36. Australia hits back at OECD over broadband network
  37. Cheap high-speed mobile broadband: A tutorial by the GSMA
  38. Cell C HSPA+ in Johannesburg and Pretoria next week
  39. Cell C HSPA+ now in Witbank, Richards Bay
  40. Mobile broadband laptop deals: 8ta vs Vodacom vs MTN
  41. Toshiba Folio 100 tablet: Details and hands-on
  42. Broadband should be a human right in SA: Broadband Infraco Chair
  43. HelloPeter telecoms ratings: The worst of the worst
  44. ICASA became more proactive, says Ovum
  45. Cheap cellphone to cellphone VoIP calls growing
  46. Best Broadband cities in SA: Real world speeds
  47. There can be only one: Open access fibre battle
  48. RICA registrations all-ahead full for Autopage customers
  49. Telecoms salaries in SA: What professionals earn
  50. Your ICASA complaint not resolved? You may want to read this
  51. Free Space Optics: Bandwidth for Africa?
  52. Boosting VoIP services
  53. Three down, one to go: MWEB peering progress
  54. Telkom ADSL subscriber growth accelerating
  55. Unlimited music downloads for R39 per month
  56. JINX cracks 2 Gbps
  57. ADSL prices: No word from Telkom
  58. Call around the world for 25c per minute: The details
  59. Samsung Galaxy Tab: first contract details unveiled
  60. MWEB ADSL Hamster – not so fast please!
  61. New Android smartphones launched by Motorola
  62. Samsung Galaxy Tab now available on Vodacom
  63. Android upgrade for the Sony Ericsson X10 range – now available
  64. Telkom denies 10 Mbps ADSL checking problems
  65. Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing comparison
  66. 4G standard ratified
  67. Most South Africans use phones for Internet access: Opera
  68. BlackBerry for under R100 per month
  69. Nyanda named Zuma's counsellor in Parliament
  70. SA ADSL piracy blacklisting warnings: Bullying tactics?
  71. Full speed ahead for broadband express
  72. Open access LTE network to cut broadband costs
  73. Cell C launches cheapest per-MB data bundle pricing
  74. Broadlink/iBurst denies illegal spectrum usage
  75. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  76. Teraco guards against Eskom blackouts
  77. SA's Broadband Index: Get ready to be impressed
  78. New @lantic 10Mbps uncapped business ADSL
  79. Nokia Ovi Maps to get live traffic
  80. Canadian DSL capped, still comparatively cheaper than SA
  81. Nokia to support syncing to Google apps?
  82. Half of Isreal left without mobile phone services
  83. SEACOM down…again
  84. MWEB uncapped ADSL claims put to the test
  85. Predictions for mobile networks in 2011
  86. EASSy to double capacity
  87. ADSL uncapped after hours for R399 per month
  88. Security tips for secure cellphone banking
  89. Half of Israel left without mobile phone services
  90. Nyanda goes from bad to worse: DA
  91. Remember the fifth mobile player?
  92. HTC Wildfire for R99 per month
  93. Double the free minutes on Cell C prepaid
  94. Linaro boosts Linux on mobile
  95. The communications industry settling at last?
  96. Cell C Galaxy Tab disappointment: New price comparison
  97. Cheap ADSL hurting SA ISP industry?
  98. SEACOM outages and cable progress
  99. Wi-Fi from 8c/MB
  100. Cellular handset for the hearing impaired from Vodacom
  101. Broadband penetration: It’s not looking good for South Africa
  102. MTN launches HTC Android updates over the air
  103. Free 15GB ADSL Data bundles from Matrixnet
  104. 'Programme ICE in your cellphone': Paramedics
  105. Broadband Penetration Benchmarks: SA versus the World
  106. Padayachie talking tough
  107. Laptop, cellphone, HSPA modem and 2GB data for R315 per month
  108. Smartphone video reviews at Nashua Mobile
  109. Remember, Remember, next year November
  110. Double Data Deal from iBurst
  111. Samsung Galaxy Tab available on MTN
  112. HTC Legend Android update available in Europe
  113. Cell C’s 4Gs campaign still under siege
  114. Julian Assange looking for Internet access
  115. The year that was
  116. MTN takes Cell C to task over MyBroadband survey results
  117. Telkom meets ADSL penetration target
  118. SA government urges Telkom to act switfly on graft claims
  119. IS ADSL backbone back online
  120. Cybersmart Lite ADSL for under R10 per GB
  121. Broadband affordability revealed
  122. Free SMS service gets investment
  123. Cuba launches Wikipedia-style online encyclopaedia
  124. Broadband Value Index: R30 per Mbps
  125. Free Wi-Fi with MacBooks
  126. Department of Non-Communications
  127. MTN network ready for the festive season
  128. Best broadband deals of 2010
  129. Another sub-R10 per GB ADSL offer
  130. USB 3.0: Shaking up the status quo
  131. MWEB lands SAT-3 cable capacity
  132. MWEB SAT-3 bandwidth details
  133. Best broadband providers in South Africa
  134. Telkom releases latest ADSL subscriber numbers
  135. Pakistani IT firm tops BlackBerry AppWorld
  136. The CEOs behind the best broadband deals of 2010
  137. Young, urban and hooked on MXit
  138. Skype video calling now available on iPhone
  139. China steps up crackdown on Internet phone services
  140. 2010 mobile phone market year end review
  141. Android firmware over-the-air live on MTN
  142. MTN explains data services downtime
  143. Smartphones in 2011
  144. Telecoms changes in SA this year
  145. Best Android apps
  146. Telkom rubbishes 10 Mbps ADSL rollout delays
  147. Smart car radio from Parrot
  148. Apple, Android and BlackBerry neck and neck in US
  149. Samsung Galaxy S FroYo update only available in February
  150. Sony Ericsson arc Android Gingerbread smartphone coming to SA
  151. South African ‘Fastest ADSL’ survey website launched
  152. Indonesia threat over BlackBerry porn sparks anger
  153. LLU, ADSL and the cost of a copper line
  154. Cheapest prepaid cellphone deals in SA
  155. Will you pay for ICASA’s spectrum auction?
  156. Facebook hoax spreads like wildfire
  157. Hosted PBX from Vox Orion
  158. We need naked ADSL now: MWEB
  159. Vodacom Business boosts fibre network
  160. LTE going big
  161. Android will grow twice as fast as competitors in 2011
  162. Broadband Statistics: How SA compares
  163. IS ADSL network problems
  164. 42 Mbps HSPA+ in SA: Good progress made
  165. Comprehensive broadband plan by ICASA
  166. Free ADSL and double your data
  167. Ovi Music Unlimited to be shut down in 27 countries
  168. Smartphone watch
  169. BlackBerry Internet Service pricing comparison
  170. Can other operators beat Telkom on ADSL pricing and services?
  171. FNB extends 25c per minute call offering
  172. Health services on your mobile phone
  173. MyBroadband mobile facelift and getting social
  174. Mobile payments coming to stores
  175. More than 200 million cellphones in Brazil
  176. Telkom 384Kbps ADSL not ‘Fast Internet’: ASA
  177. Top cellphones in SA according to Opera
  178. MTN 42 Mbps HSPA+ real world speeds revealed
  179. Wi-Fi hotspot prices slashed
  180. MTN’s big 21 Mbps HSPA+ and fibre drive
  181. Spectrum Assignments: Auctions or Beauty Contests?
  182. Undersea fiber-optic cable construction begins
  183. MTN’s broadband pricing and network growth plans
  184. Dedicated server hosting deals in SA compared
  185. Consumers get a bigger voice in telecoms
  186. Red Bull Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Cell C
  187. How to tell if your broadband connection sucks
  188. Android FOTA updates for HTC now on Vodacom
  189. ICASA ordered to probe SABC
  190. Cell C 21Mbps HSPA+ coverage: Did they meet their targets?
  191. 84 Mbps HSPA+ here soon
  192. State of South Africa’s Internet
  193. Broadband, web services and TV convergence
  194. MTN ‘World Class Internet’ – Not so, says ASA
  195. Sony launches PlayStation phone (Xperia Play)
  196. Vox Verto IP telephony service launched
  197. Cell C connectivity or coverage problems? This may be why
  198. Entry-level smartphones prices to reduce almost 50% in 5 years
  199. ADSL price cuts: Unshaped and local per-GB services
  200. 21Mbps HSPA+ Battle: MTN versus Cell C
  201. SEACOM downtime next month
  202. SEACOM outage: MWEB and other ISPs respond
  203. Local telecoms CEOs on Twitter
  204. SMS billing or spam problems?
  205. SEACOM outage postponed until April
  206. 40Mbps bonded ADSL held back by Telkom
  207. 3c/MB Vodacom broadband service stopped: Webstorm explains
  208. Cell C solves 21 Mbps modem shortage
  209. MWEB fibre in Durban: Cheaper and better
  210. Cellular habits of South Africans revealed
  211. Cell C vs Vodacom: Who has the power?
  212. BlackBerry versus iPhone in SA: which is most popular?
  213. Vodacom 21Mbps HSPA+ growth and broadband costs
  214. Cell C puzzled by ASA ‘Power to You’ ruling
  215. 3D smartphone in SA soon
  216. Data hungry smartphones can hurt cellular operators
  217. ‘Telkom can slash ADSL prices by over 50%’
  218. Smartphones to run operators into the red in 3 years
  219. SMS and smartphones
  220. Consumer choice in cellular providers revealed
  221. SEACOM partner SEA-ME-WE 4 to boost capacity
  222. Telkom ‘Chipac’ - ADSL LLU forerunner?
  223. 8ta iPad data plans
  224. Telkom’s ADSL DSLAM and port numbers revealed
  225. SMS spam in SA a growing problem
  226. Cell C to go down for maintenance
  227. Cell C planned upgrades this weekend
  228. More free ADSL data from Afrihost coming
  229. Not so Simple for Telkom
  230. Best mobile broadband network in SA revealed
  231. Telkom SDSL Etherlink arrives
  232. Five telecoms trends to watch in 2011
  233. Most popular phones in SA
  234. 2011 the year of telecoms competition: ISPA
  235. Nexus S coming to SA
  236. 42Mbps HSPA+ in South Africa: Surprising news
  237. WACS on its way to South Africa
  238. 10Gbps multipoint microwave backhaul platform
  239. Mobile broadband speeds: SA versus the world
  240. Red Bull Mobile launches with aggresive pricing
  241. 1Mbps broadband for all South Africans
  242. Cell C selling stake in Virgin Mobile
  243. SA telecoms – still a way to go
  244. Solving SA’s biggest mobile broadband network challenge
  245. LTE ecosystem grows
  246. “Wake up Vodacom” says well known IT journalist
  247. Red Bull Mobile launches with aggressive pricing
  248. Broadband for all
  249. Zuma mum on cheaper telecoms and broadband promises
  250. Aggressively priced BlackBerry packages from Vodacom