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  1. Cell C internet offer
  2. Telkom’s fixed line numbers continue to slide
  3. Call cellphones & landlines worldwide for 25c per minute
  4. R30,000 per day DoC contractors: Can you figure it out?
  5. WACS submarine fibre cable deployment progressing well
  6. Data bundle pricing comparison: Cell C hits back
  7. An hour’s free talk time from MTN
  8. The changing face of international telecoms
  9. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 coming to SA
  10. Telkom’s fixed line numbers: A brief history since 1993
  11. Cell phone use may cause behavioural problems in kids
  12. Mobile operators fail to respond to MTN HTC Android announcement
  13. Broadband Quality Index: SA details revealed
  14. Communications Minister ‘concerned’ about Telkom ‘corruption dossier’
  15. Heita! and the Zulus chasing white okes
  16. LG Optimus phones to get Gingerbread upgrade
  17. EASSy bandwidth sales exceed forecasts
  18. LTE in South Africa in 2011?
  19. ADSL Performance Indicators: Latest data released
  20. HTC Android smartphones to get FOTA on all operators
  21. Web Africa hosting: Triple the data, half the price for over-usage
  22. Neotel's continued operations questioned by auditors
  23. Red Bull broadband and cellular coming to South Africa
  24. Telkom is eating itself
  25. Red Bull Mobile launch confirmed
  26. Cell C launches MyTools, aka Mobile 2.0
  27. MWEB IPC and News24 downtime explained
  28. Vodacom mobile broadband at 3c per MB
  29. LG Optimus 3D mobile phone to be unveiled
  30. Uncapped 2Mbps broadband for R49,532
  31. First Fibre-To-The-Home offering in Sub-Saharan Africa
  32. One-size-fits-all cell phone charger
  33. Namibia gets undersea fibre-optic cable
  34. 10Gbps connections for Pretoria institutions
  35. Is your cellphone going to kill you?
  36. IS ADSL downtime: Afrihost and others affected
  37. Is Skype a swearword among SA’s mobile operators?
  38. Cheap mobile phones heading for South Africa
  39. Altech TC ADSL tested
  40. We are not the 'second national operator', says Neotel
  41. Lower interconnect rates kick in: Will you save money?
  42. Cable trench unearthing doesn't impact operators
  43. William Stucke to finally attend ICASA council meetings
  44. SMS spammers in SA: How to deal with them
  45. Cell C Gauteng HSPA+ network upgraded
  46. Altech Autopage Cellular responds to service level concerns
  47. Telkom appalled by ‘brand bashing’
  48. 1 Gbps Fibre to the Home for South Africa planned
  49. Telkom considering 20Mbps uncapped broadband?
  50. SEACOM’s SMW4 problems continue
  51. MWEB Uncapped ADSL to be discontinued [April Fool]
  52. Telkom pricing: We are competitive
  53. Open Access LTE Network: Intriguing but not without Pitfalls
  54. ADSL pricing benchmarks: is SA competitive?
  55. Flight mode: Cellular phones on South African planes
  56. ICASA should sort out Screamer, says Sentech
  57. HTC Sensation in South Africa soon
  58. WACS in South Africa: All the details
  59. New Neotel broadband packages on the way
  60. Telkom ADSL Cap Management service launched
  61. Best ‘useful connectivity’ countries revealed
  62. Teleconferencing – the new way of doing business?
  63. WhatsApp: the SMS-killer?
  64. Neotel launches new cordless phone on R99 package
  65. Cell phone anxiety
  66. SMSs from parties on voting day 'allowed'
  67. Report SMS spam, asks WASPA
  68. 10Mbps Fibre to the Home starting from R197
  69. Fibre cable theft in SA
  70. Telkom losing valuable skills?
  71. Cell C loses 21 Mbps speed claims appeal
  72. Embarrassing revelation in Vodacom versus Cell C case
  73. Cellphone radiation killing you?
  74. Telkom promises higher broadband speeds
  75. Lower cellphone radiation exposure by using hands-free devices: Jabra
  76. Unregistered SIM cards blocked after June 30
  77. Best ADSL ISP in South Africa
  78. 21.1, 14.4, 7.2 Mbps: does modem speed make a difference?
  79. Free wifi in outdoor spaces
  80. 8ta 21Mbps network live
  81. “Free phone calls” with DialMedia advertisements?
  82. Enhanced data carry over from MTN
  83. ICASA’s LLU discussion document unveiled
  84. 8ta ‘Project Hulk’ data special
  85. Best mobile broadband deal in South Africa – ever!
  86. Broadband providers in SA: service levels compared
  87. DiData going wireless
  88. Vodacom network problems
  89. China sentences telecom executives for taking Siemens bribes
  90. Vodacom downtime: Can you get money back?
  91. Beware of fraudulent SIM cards
  92. Telkom Broadband Promotion: Lots of free goodies
  93. Telkom receives “Progressive Company of the Year” Award
  94. HTC Sensation launch imminent
  95. Telkom launches “Free Broadband” promotion
  96. Telkom launches “Free Broadband” promotion
  97. Google partners with Orange for African SMS service
  98. Google Maps Navigation for Android in SA
  99. Samsung Galaxy S2
  100. How Cell C chewed its competitors’ market share
  101. Broadband Speeds
  102. Now Autopage is taking its turn
  103. Today TELKOM won the prize
  104. Urgently need to download a few hundred GigaBytes of stuff
  105. What I'm going to miss about my Nokia ...
  106. Should I move from BB?
  107. cell reception problem
  108. Cellphone car charger compatibility
  109. Apple wants speedy ban on Samsung phones
  110. Getting a divorce
  111. Pre-paid ADSL
  112. Free 40Mbps Telkom broadband trial invitation
  113. Best broadband deals in South Africa
  114. Afrihost
  115. MTN’s 100Mbps broadband drive
  116. 75c/minute business calls from Cell C
  117. Telkom and Cell C merging?
  118. airtime expires
  119. Cheaper uncapped ADSL prices from Plugg
  120. The true cost of an SMS
  121. Uncapped Wi-Fi for R39 per month
  122. Afrihost ADSL problems continue
  123. First SMS was sent 20 years ago
  124. Uncapped Wi-Fi for R39 service details
  125. 8ta LTE tested: get ready to be impressed
  126. Gautrain to get underground cell signals
  127. Cell C has better quality network than Vodacom, MTN: Knott-Craig
  128. Telkom rumour
  129. Where to get iPhone 5 Glass facia
  130. SA illegal phone problem growing
  131. MTN kills unlimited BlackBerry BIS
  132. The truth about fax to e-mail in South Africa
  133. S3 Firmware upgrade: info needed
  134. Rooting your Android phone
  135. Apple, Android and Blackberry
  136. VOIP telephones versus normal phones