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  1. The threat of pollution

    I have been dealing with this for a number of years because I see it as our greatest problem in Gauteng if not South Africa and Africa in general. Why?

    Simply because our catchments and rivers are the source of our water, clean air is required for healthy people and healthy crops. None of these things is being delivered, in fact greater pollution of air, land and water is happening as I type.

    Business requires healthy people - well the reality is that those people ...
  2. Climate change and business

    The climate change debate is a fierce one and 98% of scientists are in agreement that it is a reality. However, the prognoses have many descriptions of what this means. In the past three years, the planet has crystallised what it means - extreme weather patterns and increased seismic activity.

    These have impacts on human health, generally because they don;t care about immediately wiping out a few parasites. However, increasing disease is a result of the pollution we are living ...
  3. Running around in the dark!

    We are regularly approached by "sales people" who vow that they can cut our Telkom bill. Sometimes they actually arrive if they have surprised us into making an appointment and sometimes they don't. Sadly, when they do arrive, they want to perform magic with our Telkom bill. It appears to be sleight of hand. Our calls to cellphones are minimal and our actual billing for calls barely exceeds our line rental bill most months (explain this to me please!).

    In addition, we ...
  4. Do you know if your water is safe to drink and other thoughts

    I have been working with water quality for some time now - like two years or more. Despite the DWA's gren and blue drop programmes, our water quality is failing. Why? Because of Acid Mine Drainage and other forms of pollutions. We are currently faced with an explosion of mining applications in our most fragile catchment areas, which will destroy our water sources and make SA water deprived. All of us SME owners have to oppose this reckless mining in order to make our country work. Sustainable ...