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  1. Corporate SMEs

    One of the biggest hindrances in selling a business is the ill preparation of documents, often coupled with exorbitant asking prices. This is most often the case at the lower end of the market, or in instances where there simply is no data available because the business has not been around long enough to generate any.

    This latter instance is most often the case where someone has started a venture and seen within months that it is not going to work. Instead of liquidating, he tries ...
  2. Disclosing your business value

    Following on from a recent epistle on business value, I had several requests to help adjudicate in deals which are under way. In two instances the sellers' auditors had placed values on the businesses, and in both instances the buyers, post due diligence, had some difficulty agreeing on a transfer price with their buyers. While I accept the difficulty such a civilised discussion can elicit in the last days before the seller rides off into the sunset, I cannot help but sigh. There are much better ...