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Ask the Pastel Guru!

A support blog for Pastel Accounting users, including tips and tricks from your resident Pastel guru...

  1. Printing Statements for Open Item Customers in Balance Forward format

    Perhaps, from a processing point of view, you want to use Pastel's open item matching system, but you still want your statements to print in the balance forward format.
    Here's how you can do this:
    • Go to Setup...Customers...Control
    • Then select the Statements tab
    • If you look on the left of the screen, you will see an option "Always Print in Balance Forward Format" - just tick it!
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  2. Emailing Invoices and Statements directly from Pastel

    If you are using either Pastel Xpress/Partner 2005 or later, you are able to email statements to customers directly out of Pastel, either in PDF format or HTML format.

    To do this, you first need to capture each customer's email address into Pastel - go to Edit...Customers...Accounts and then insert the email address in the appropriate field under the General tab.

    Then you need to go to the Processing tab for each customer and, at the bottom right hand corner, where it says ...
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  3. Capturing Budgets

    To capture budget data into Pastel, go to Edit...General Ledger...Budgets.
    You will then see a number of options - you will probably select the option to create/edit budgets. There are different ways of entering budget data:
    • as an annual total per ledger account, and Pastel divides the total equally into 12 months
    • as an annual total per ledger account, and Pastel divides the total according to percentage allocations per month that you have defined
    • as individual budget amounts,
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  4. Changing Codes for Inventory Items, Customers and Suppliers (and General Ledger!)

    Pastel Partner has a handy feature that allows you to re-code inventory items and customer/supplier codes. This feature is not available in Pastel Xpress.
    • Go to Change...Renumber Codes.
    • If you want to change, for example, an Inventory Item code, select "Inventory Items"
    • Click on Next
    • Click on the Zoom icon in the Existing Code column and select the first Inventory Item for which you want to change the code
    • Click on the New Code column and type in the new code for this
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  5. Adding a New Cashbook in Pastel

    After creating the general ledger account for a new cashbook, you need to do the following:
    • Go to Setup...Entry Types
    • Scroll down to the next available empty row
    • In the "Description" column, type in CB* Payments (where * represents the cash book number)
    • In the "DC" column, type in D
    • In the "Account Access" column, click on the drop-down arrow and select "GL and Suppliers"
    • In the "Date/Period Entry" column, leave the default setting
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