Hi Guys (Especially Andries and Dave)

After much soal searching and after discussion with Mark, I have made the decision to end my postings on the site - my last question will be on the 30th January and therefore my last post will be on the 31st January

And so ends an era . . . .

My first Trivia post (well I seem to remember that it started before this, but I did not keep records from the beginning, so yes I can tell you who was correct on which dates ) I have recorded was the 1st January 2009 and the Trivia started on the 7th September of the same year.

It's been a blast, but it's now down to 3 of us playing and its no longer the "fun" and laughter that it used to be and quite honestly has become a burden rather than something that I'm chomping at the bit, to get to. I suspect that the huge increase in my work also has something to do with it, but as Dr John Demartini always says, "you always find the time to do the things you love" and I certainly have enjoyed my time doing this.

One by one though the people have left and the comraderie has gone and it's now an empty shell that Andries, Dave and I seem to rattle around in and perhaps it is best to leave with the good memories intact, rather than feeling despondent about what it has become.

So I trust that you all understand and that you make the final week one of laughter and fun again.

Best regards