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Thread: Where do I find someone to start a pub/restaurant ?

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    One can hire most catering equipment, chairs and what ever, so not really a necessity to purchase out right to start off with.

    If the business flourishes, then it may deem the investment into the equipment.

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    If you want to use your property for a restaurant site, the following questions need to be answered:
    1. Why would anybody want to stop there?
    2. What type of people would stop there, what time of day and how much would they spend?
    3. What is security like in your area? How isolated would the venue be and how easy is it to gain access/leave the spot?
    4. What other similar outlets are there that would compete with your venue?
    5. If a business of this type was set up, is there accommodation available for management?

    I think that these questions would give you some direction forward, but feel that the "big boys" would be very difficult to convince due to the fact that most traffic is passing - I owned The Pickle Pot in Boston and stopped approximately 2% of passing traffic - 40 vehicles per day in your case.
    Hope that helps!

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    I did think along those lines a while back, but I worry that they could be real noise-generators. And I figured that the pub idea would make more money, even with someone else doing it.


    I realise that your questions are mostly rhetorical, but I thought I'd answer them anyway.

    1. To have a drink/snack, either on the way home, or with friends and/or family on the weekend. For weekday afternoons the environment wouldn't play a particularly large role, but I imagine it would on weekends, when there would be a more family-oriented clientele. There is a pub in Kloof, just 4 km up the road, that buzzes in the afternoons and weekends.

    2. See above. I really can't say how much they would spend.

    3. Security would be not much different from most other places in the area. We are on a very busy M road.

    4. There are outlets, as mentioned, 4km in the one direction, and about the same in the other direction. There is basically nothing inbetween.

    5. Yes.

    Yes, admittedly, there is lots of passing traffic. But they are not going far - mostly on the way home.

    I know the place you had in Boston - have even been there once or twice, but the problem there is that people still have a long way to drive. And unless they are ambling, they really don't want to stop and kill time when they could be getting home, unpacking the car, etc. And it's too far from any metropolitan areas. Conversley, we are right in the middle of a large densely populated area - Kloof / Waterfall / Hillcrest.

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