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Thread: loudspeaker in phone died ....

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    loudspeaker in phone died ....

    So, last week in the middle of conversation the speaker died. I like using the speaker - there's still that nagging question of the antenna in the phone so close to my old brain possibly causing damage. Also the speaker us used for ringing, so without it only the vibrator can be used for incoming calls!
    So I passed 2 phone repair shops who quoted R499 and R550 and did some Googling.
    Stripping the Samsung GT-I9000 to replace said speaker is a piece of cake on YouTube.
    Now to buy the replacement loudspeaker.
    Eventually found a nice outfit in Kuilsrivier with cost R180 incl. Vapour Added Toxins.
    Took spin to K'rivier and the nice laddie asked, "Can I install it for you?"
    I said "M'ja.." (like in the Turkish Airways ad on TV - the best ad I've ever seen) and in 2 minutes finished the job, including air/gas-blowing the guts out in the back/out of my sight.
    I asked him if he had replaced more of these speakers. He said yes. He found what appeared to be iron filings in my phone.
    I thought about that and indeed, I had left the phone where I thought it was safe while doing mechanical work (in The Shed, of course) including some filing.

    Point is that there are 2 slots in the back of the phone (about 0.8 x 4mm each) to ventilate the sound, and similar in the speaker unit.
    The speaker contains a magnet - otherwise it wouldn't be a loudspeaker. So it attracts little bits or iron. And there's absolutely no protection like a filter or screen of any sort in this phone or the speaker unit!
    And clearly I was at fault being a bit careless where I placed the phone and allowing crud to enter it and cause the speaker's demise. But of course this could happen in other circumstances, too.
    So now I thought about avoiding it happening again.

    I tore off a piece of kitchen towel about 15 x 15mm and placed it over the speaker as protection/filter before clicking the back cover in position.
    I can't imagine metal filings getting through the paper filter.
    Second thought : perhaps replace said filter every 2 months as a JIC (just-in-case) ?
    The job takes 15 seconds and could save you the hassle & cost of replacing the speaker.

    Perhaps other phones have the same/similar problems waiting for your wallet/purse...?
    Ho-hum from The Shed (again).

    (Poor pic of speaker - about 10mm square)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ah, yes, the benefits of a shed. A hub of creativity. Perhaps the solution to the unemployment problem is to give everyone a shed.
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    you rogue, Iain!
    There I was trying to tell you how to avoid/eliminate phone problems and you go back to the oily junk we keep in That Place..!

    On t'other hand, p'rhaps yes, that's where the problems are solved.
    (white smoke/black smoke..................................)

    Mind the 5L oil can cut-away with oil and rusted nuts and bolts on your way in.... Creates hell on tackies when can spills over....
    While you're stomping around mind the 9 cycle wheels hanging from the roof. And the damn fishing rod sticking out from the shelf.

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    Ah, yes, Shedology.

    I must admit, though, that I wouldn't work on a cellphone in the shed. Just too dirty. That happens at my desk.

    I feel a bout of welding coming on...

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    I always found that a small soldering job worked best at the dining room table.

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    Doesn't the meat-loaf get in the way?
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    Not if you put it in the shed, out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    Not if you put it in the shed, out of the way.

    GOOD one! That is definitely where meatloaf belongs!!!

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    It would have to be a large shed to take him and his motorbike and entourage.

    And the bat outta hell...
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